About The Company


PT. Multi Kuntum Indonesia, also known as Fioretti Indonesia, is a highly skilled tour & travel company which have been classified for spiritual tourism, adventure & study tour. The company has been providing excellent service since 2009. Based in Jakarta, functioning as the strategic center for our links from the western of Indonesia to the eastern part. Our team are spread in cities like Medan, Bukit Tinggi, Belitung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Lombok, Bali, Flores, and Papua.


Spiritual, pleasure & scholarly are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. These positive values shine through at every level, from selection of themes, places, and services. Our aspiration is to be one of the best tour and travel company with an outstanding price-value proposition, capturing market trends, and service excellent.


At Fioretti Indonesia we believe that fluency, safety, and your satisfaction are our main vision that we always hold in hand when running the company.


Fioretti Tour & Travel


Fioretti Tour & Travel is formed with the spirit and professionalism in serving and accompanying you to travel, both domestic and international.


Fioretti Tour & Travel services include domestic & international destinations, spiritual pilgrimage destinations, study tour and corporate outbound. With our highly committed and high integrity staff, this is expected to provide you with comfort, fluency and safety while accompanying you from planning your vacation to the end of your trip.


We offer attractive tour packages with competitive travel costs coupled with seriousness and sincerity, which are the primary value of our service.


Enjoy a memorable trip with us ...

Fioretti Tour & Travel, Your ultimate traveling partner


Fioretti Adventure Outbound


Fioretti Adventure Outbound is a natural study in leadership and management behavior with a unique and simple approach, but effectively. This activity is not loaded with theories, but directly applied to the elementary elements of everyday nature, such as mutual trust, mutual care, proactive and communicative attitude. The natural dimension as an educational object can be a real laboratory and an exciting playground with its various methods.


Outbound training is very well done for companies, both private companies and agencies who want to give changes to the performance of each employee such as improving the quality of employee work, motivation and positive character. Outbound can also enhance employee creativities; build leadership, teamwork, foster togetherness, mutual trust and responsibility. Through fun outbound training activities, your company's employees will be able to take many lessons that will be applied to improve their performance.


For that, fioretti adventure outbound comes to be part of the quality improvement of employees of your agency/company.


Fioretti Studi Tour


Fioretti Study tour is a combination of Education and tour package. The provision of educational learning objectives is derived from the agencies sources that are disorganized by the FIORETTI team. The Fioretti Study Tour package provides outdoor activities aimed at learning the actual processes directly in the field, in order to gain hands-on experience.


This is done because it is impossible to bring every event into the learning in the room to be studied and observed.


This activity also provides an atmosphere of relaxation amid routines that are sometimes boring.


The Fioretti Study Tour package consists of:


Why Us?


We've been putting on our business for years, and in that time have develope relationships with the best local and foreign companies in every category. You know you're getting the best of the best when you work with us.


Because we handle everything from concept to production and fulfillment to delivery, you save precious hour of your time when we put on your needs/ event.


Each of our clients is assigned an Key Account Manager, who is responsible for working with you throughout the process and keeping you updated at every step.


We've invest in cutting edge IT equipment and tecnology to create fast and real-time expriences.


We're from a variety of tecnical and creative backgrounds in many industries. Our collective decades of experience and wide variety of skills means your needs will be trully materialized.